Wednesday, June 13, 2007

B'Art Identity

Our challenge for creating an identity for the art institute of Bishkek was daunting in the beginning. We needed a name, a logo and apply the finished logo to all kinds of things: main sign, t-shirt, pins, posters, stationery, installations within the institution. The process was truly a collaborative one. Everybody chipped in specially in creating the name.

We wanted a name which was simple, playfull and iconic and at the same time serious enough so people would take it seriously. It also had to be understood and appreciated by both eastern europeans and westerners. B'Art was the solution. We like the simplicity of its sound. The Cyrillic (Russian) "B" is iconic and represents the local culture. When the cyrillic "B" and "Art" come together, it embodies the fusion of the East and West. The uniqueness of the simbol is further enhanced by the apostrophe after the letter "B" which represents Bishkek. We came up with modular logo where "Art" could be replaced by any image of "Art" which could be relevant to the organization.

Bishkek Art Center was settled for the name of the institution for it said everything they represented in a short and simple words.

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